Girl In a Suit Case (_blubloo_) wrote in sydneypeople,
Girl In a Suit Case

new social food group-eatsydbrainz!


After our very fun and full first night at Amazon Steak House, I thought i'd do a bit of pimping

I am the founder of a Sydney based dining/social group 'Eat Sydney Brainz' mainly consisting the likes of goths, geeks, singles, couples, uni students, randoms, queers and even yuppies!
where we dine the first Saturday of every 2nd month, we like to keep it fairly budget friendly and options for the vegetarians! ... we love welcoming new comers and have a large following of people, if you are interested there are lots of ways to join...

Join our live journal community -

Join our facebook group-

Join our mailing list!-

just contact us via email at with the header 'Food' feel free to leave an introduction of who you are and what you like!

We are off to Prague in Potts Point in August for a fabulous feasting!</font>
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