they call me stacey, they call me jane. (rustnstardust) wrote in sydneypeople,
they call me stacey, they call me jane.

Bruno has been found!

I just wanted to say a big thankyou to anyone who helped me find Bruno and for all your kind comments.
Bruno has been found, and he is now safe at home!
Our neighbour's neighbours actually stole him. Me and my Dad were checking out the construction site next door to see if could've gotten trapped in there, then we heard this meowing coming from next door. So we crept along the side of there house and our cat appears at the window, very frantic and meowing like crazy and clawing the window trying to escape. So I tried all the windows and the doors and they all appeared locked. Nobody was home (obviously) and my dad went back up to ours to msg our neighbour who's a cop. I was not going home without my cat so I tried one window one more time and it just opened! So I grabbed my cat and ran home screaming "I got him I got him!"

He's very thin, I think he's been starved for about 5 days. All he wants is non stop cuddles and attention! I'm so happy we found him!
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